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July 04 2017



my little dove, why do you cry?


Tumblr, we need to talk


look, I dont care if someone does *incredibly gross and damaging thing*, *something morally wrong*, or EVEN *incredibly gross, morally wrong AND damaging thing*, but as soon as you respond to those things rationally? Thats when i start to lose my faith in this site

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you idiots are paying money for drugs while i get high on ipad computer for free

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I’m glad guillermo del toro exists in this world to make up for jared leto’s endless stream of nonsense and buffoonery and i hope venustiano del toro the black rat lives a happy and long life amen






hey guys im making french toast sticks in the oven. I’m gonna take a quick nap wake me up in 5 minutes so i can flip them over

Randy its been five minutes flip your sticks


One year anniversary

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Anyway apparently this very nervous ad was trying so desperately to sell me culinary school that it somehow managed to complete its question five posts later


i remember that phase of tumblr where the main form of communication was reaction images like you were encouraged to have a huge folder of them and reply with gifs to everything that was the site culture

nothing will ever make me feel worse than when my mom told me i should date a lesbian and i said “i can’t……” and she was like why not?

you can dance if you want to



you can leave your friends behind

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when you get to the pearly gates saint peter asks you if youve ever drawn a comic that looks like this and if the answer is yes he pulls the lever and the trapdoor to hell opens beneath your feet

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im so glad i haven’t seen the original of that “tumblr we need to talk” comic

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thank you tumblr for not allowing me to see any sort of context for this

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oooooooonngnngngnnnghhhh Big egg. Big egg. Big egg. Big egg

parades. bad

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trans meme for your trans needs




all my friends are dwayne johnson


they Rock

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the vet measured junta on sunday, and as we were leaving the assistant said “he wrote down the measurements for you” and passed me this

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